Expository Text

Today there are a multitude of platforms or services, which are devoted exclusively to the field of new Technologies. There are Web sites devoted exclusively to news about new technology, there are many other websites that provide something different, give some more information about the uses that may have … With Digilution, has brought together all these feature you. That is, give news on new emerging technologies, but on the other hand, give meaning to these new ways of working or having fun, put a definition to each technology. The aim is to catch different technologies that dominate today, as can be the Internet, DTV, Internet TV, 3D Technology, HBO series … and give a definition other than to show how they are used, in which areas and which frequency.

For example, today is very fashionable 3D movies or what will soon be a fact, 3D televisions. There is no platform that is dedicated to explain clearly and simply what that means 3D or has flourished.

On the other hand, there is also nothing that is dedicated exclusively to explain how the series are on HBO. Very few people know of the existence of this type of series over the Internet.

Or not go so far, the analogue switch is here and many people still do not know what is the TDT or as used, nor what it takes to use it. It may be because they have cable TV or something like that.

Digilution wants to be the leader in information of this nature, bringing together all in one web page devoted exclusively to make sense of these new technologies. Digilution wants to be the reference in that sector, with a social educational role today, it is very important because it often blames the technology to blame for many human errors. As there is much ignorance about the new inventions, often using them to give to such inventions is bad enough, sometimes even harmful to the health of some people. So we haven’t considered the technology a bad ally, quite the contrary. The Technology is an indispensable thing today.

New technologies are there and will not leave, depend on people giving them to good use. To this comes Diglution on stage, to give a definition to each invention and that people can learn without complications.

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